The lifeblood of the organisation is the employee, making employee journey mapping a crucial part of the HR toolset.

Journey mapping is a technique which Customer Experience Directors have come to rely on, but it’s still new to HR. Currently can you say that you know where your employee pain points are? And what causes most churn in your organisation? At CX Network they created an interactive map that allows you to map the employee journey on your own terms! View the full map here.

employee journey

Right from candidate stage, on to onboarding, training and upwards to their promotion or exit interview – how can we ensure the employee feels valued on their journey?

Did you know that 72% of interview candidates who have had a bad experience share it online directly or with someone! With websites such as Glassdoor where you can rate a company’s interview experience it’s now more important than ever to ensure you have a procedure in place for a good candidate experience.  By having a great reputation you are also most likely to see the best candidates applying for roles in your firm.

Onboarding is a key stage for loyalty and engagement. 69% of employees are most likely to stay with a company for three plus years if they experience great onboarding.  It’s been recognised that it is not enough to give yearly appraisals – Ian Woodward, Group HR Director at Caesars Entertainment has rolled out a coaching and feedback strategy which gives real- time feedback to front-line staff.

One of the biggest trends for 2017 will be to build an employee experience relevant to your customer experience, Niall Ryan-Jones, Head of Employee Experience at Harrods has merged the gap between CRM and ERM and seen fantastic results.

Recognition and empowerment are key things employees cited as needed in a workplace. 46% said they would leave a job they held for years for better job satisfaction even if it meant retraining.

Employee Mapping is key to shape the employee experience.

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How to Map Out the Employee Journey

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