Your Last Training Course

Last Training

Imagine that you are allowed to follow one last training course. For the rest of your life there will be no training course after this one. There are no limits in terms of costs, location or content. You are free… Continue Reading


Ping Pong Is Killing Your Company Culture


Culture Culture, Culture, Culture. A word that’s being bandied about by companies big and small. It has come to light in recent years, that ‘culture’ is a key element of organisational success. You need to find the right ‘cultural’ fit… Continue Reading


Performance is Key (Breaking news)


Breaking News HR is about Performance. Is that breaking news? In itself, it isn’t. But it’s good not to lose track of that old adage. Like so many professions, HR has seen many fads passing by. But one thing remains:… Continue Reading


Organizational Design for Strategic Success

Organisational Design

VUCA Organizational design is back. That’s what I wrote in an earlier blog. We are increasingly puzzled by the challenges that this VUCA-world puts upon the organisations that we are leading. In the past we had very clear principles of organizational design. We talked… Continue Reading


Working Out Loud

Working out Loud

Isabel has been a huge advocate for Working Out Loud in Europe. This is an interview with her. You recently  tweeted that Working Out Loud has strong positive effects at an individual and an organizational level. Can you explain more?… Continue Reading


Ghetto Leadership: Lessons from the Slums.


Ghetto Mentality in the corporate World A ghetto is a part of a city, especially a slum in which members of minority groups are isolated because of social, legal, or economic pressure.  Ghettos are associated with scarcity. In his famous book… Continue Reading


Empathy at Work – an Example from the Olympics.

An emotional French Fencing Athlete Sustainable leadership is based on character. Empathy is an important element of that character. It helps people to be successful and to be kind. Here’s an embarrassing example of what happens when there is no… Continue Reading


Authority – What I saw in Pahrump …


This blog is about Authority and Power.  A visit to Pahrump Last month I passed through Pahrump, a place in Nevada. I was travelling from Death Valley to Las Vegas with a party of 8. We stopped in Pahrump to… Continue Reading


Digital Distance and the Water Cooler Effect

digital distance

Yahoo This week’s news that Verizon will buy Yahoo’s internet business has resurfaced Marissa Mayers’s 2013 decision to ban Yahoo employees from working from home. Explaining her decision, she said: “People are more productive when they’re not alone, but they’re… Continue Reading


Seductive Leaders use the Power of Words

seductive leaders

This blog is about seductive leaders. They seduce people through the power of words. Dance Lessons Kevin has developed an innovative idea for his organization. His manager arranged a slot for him to present his idea to the top management.… Continue Reading