The idea of hrchitects is to share insights, experiences and thoughts about work, organizations, business. The aim is to stimulate reflections on how to build companies that are based on human characteristics. Too often we forget that companies are made by people, that people work for companies and that the customers of companies are people. So a people-centric strategy combines the needs of employees, customers and other stakeholders.

In the past there were two competing models of organisation. The Anglo-Saxon tradition of shareholder focus and the European Rheinland model of stakeholder focus.We should return to a more comprehensive model of organisations that put people at the core of their business. This means that we should start from the needs, the strengths, the characteristics of people working for or with that organisation. We need to become architects of organizations.

This is the only way to make companies sustainable. Welcome to started in 2010 as a blogsite, founded by David Ducheyne. At the end of 2013 became a multiblogger-site as Karl Van Hoey joined in. is open to guest bloggers that share the same vision on people in organisations.

All authors have the copyright to their texts. The pictures in this site are (C) David Ducheyne, unless another name is mentioned.

The blogsite is technically managed by @otolithical.


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    David, this is a very impressive site and I will visit often.


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