The 5 Dimensions of Innovation. Why Engagement Matters.


Tonje Elisabeth writes about the importance of engagement and innovation. She describes 5 dimensions of innovation in the workplace. Good workplaces The philosopher Theodore Zeldin has given the world a challenge: “When will we make the same breakthroughs in the… Continue Reading


Incompetent Bosses: Can People Work for Them?

Incompetent Bosses

This is an article about incompetent bosses. Incompetent Bosses Artz, Goodall & Oswald (2016) wrote an article the in which they come to the conclusion that the competence of a boss has a high impact on employee well-being. That means that… Continue Reading


Is Motivation Really Necessary?


Motivation is a leader’s responsibility, says Tshamani Mathebula. Sundown vs Zamalek On the 23rd October 2016 Sundowns FC, a South African Football Club played against Zamalek Sporting Club. Zamalek SC is an Egyptian Club and one of the best clubs… Continue Reading


Talent Engagement – Beyond Normal.

Talent Engagement

The Holy Grail Talent engagement is the holy grail in leadership and HR. Whatever leaders do, they are depending on the willingness and ability of people to perform. Working with someone who is engaged, is totally different from working with… Continue Reading


The Girl on the Train. About Humanity in Customer Experience.

Customer Experience

Everything is Experience Everything is experience. A customer strategy guarantees a consistent experience at all customer touch points. Everything should fit: the way the customer is greeted, the environment, the packaging, … In one word: it’s about a branded service experience. So what has humanity to… Continue Reading


Trust Trumps Control.


Strategy execution depends on people. It depends on their skills and their engagement. It’s pretty easy to develop competencies. But it’s much more difficult to influence engagement. People are simply not that easily engaged. And what’s more, specific programs to… Continue Reading


Influence or Confluence?

Let’s think about influence. A long time ago I bought a book about manipulation. It lists all techniques to manipulate people into doing something they do not want. The book indicates the ethical dimension of each technique. And that’s the thing. We… Continue Reading




I met Jimmy on the Brussels subway, not so long after the March terrorist attacks. Jimmy was sitting on one of the benches and was talking to a group he was with. Jimmy switched from English, to Dutch, to French… Continue Reading


Your Last Training Course

Last Training

Imagine that you are allowed to follow one last training course. For the rest of your life there will be no training course after this one. There are no limits in terms of costs, location or content. You are free… Continue Reading


Ping Pong Is Killing Your Company Culture


Culture Culture, Culture, Culture. A word that’s being bandied about by companies big and small. It has come to light in recent years, that ‘culture’ is a key element of organisational success. You need to find the right ‘cultural’ fit… Continue Reading